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TacpacTM One
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TacpacTM Two
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laminates & guidance booklet)


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Wriggling with silk! "tools for beautiful moments
of contact" Robert Orr, RNIB

"When I first did TacpacTM, I sat fighting back the tears. Finally I had found something that was specifically designed to meet the needs of my child."
Mother of a child with severe
and complex sensory impairment
and global developmental delay

Tacpac® is a revolutionary activity pack that combines touch and music to promote communication and social interaction, sensory, neurological and emotional development.

The first 
Tacpac® has already been widely used for many years in classrooms, health settings and homes, and Tacpac® Two, released in 2007 won an inclusive resources award at the Special Education Needs Awards.

Tacpac®has received praise from the RNIB, Sense, nasen, the Times Educational Supplement, MSI networks, practitioners in health and education settings, parents, children, adolescents, adults, elderly dementia patients, and users across the world.

Take a look around our website to find out more about how 
TacpacTM could help you and those you want to help. Read what others have to say about it, the background theory, and some of the research findings.

Please feel encouraged to get in touch - give us a call on 01865-772213, or email info@tacpac.co.uk. Ask us about how Tacpac
® could apply to your situation.

You can place orders by

- London, Kensington 4 Nov

- Portsmouth 19 Nov

- Glasgow 20 Nov

- Stevenage 4 Dec


- Belfast 28 Jan

- Dublin 29 Jan

- Newcastle 9 Feb

- Glasgow 20 April

- London, Kensington 15 June

Announcing ALL NEW 2016
(for previous Day 1 Trainees)

- London, Kensington 16 Mar

- Belfast 14 April

- Dublin 15 April

- Newcastle 20 June

Are you interested in becoming a Tacpac TRAINER?
If you have been on one of our Registered Trainings, or intend to attend one, please make yourself known to us and your trainer. You will need to be confident in music skills. You will also have been working with SEN, with a wide range of ages and abilities. Please fill in your details on the link below, call Ophelia on 07817206500 or email: training@tacpac.co.uk
- Trainer Candidacy Request
We are looking forward to hearing from you. We only have a few places to offer.

Because of its applications to people of all ages, Tacpac is being used with older age groups. Our oldest known recipient is 62. If you know anyone older receiving Tacpac, please let us know!


nasen and TES
Special Educational Needs Awards
Inclusive Resource for Primary Classrooms

Tacpac Trainings
For a list of forthcoming training dates and venues, click here

Training sessions are ideal for:
... Primary Care Trusts
... Conferences
... Inclusion Teams
... Portage Services
... Early Years Teams
... Hospices
... Speech & Language Therapists
Communication & Play Workers
... Community Nursery & Learning Disability Nurses
... Child Development Centres
...  Childrens' Centres
... Health Visitors
... Learning Disability Nurses
... Adult Resource Bases
... FE Colleges